Introducing Miller Thomson On Call™ For the Health Industry

September 25, 2015

Miller Thomson LLP is pleased to introduce Miller Thomson On Call™, a unique and innovative concept in legal service delivery, providing health industry clients with 24/7 access to legal support.  With the complex array of legal issues facing health industry clients, having access to affordable, practical and timely legal advice is critical.

Miller Thomson On Call™ provides one-stop access to a dedicated roster of legal counsel who are able to advise on all areas of the law as it pertains to the health industry.  An after-hours hotline is available for urgent legal needs.  Clients pay a flat fee and there are no restrictions on access for matters that fall within the scope of the program.

Miller Thomson On Call™ supports a wide range of health industry clients, including hospitals, long-term care homes, Family Health Teams, Community Care Access Centres, regional health authorities, mental health agencies, home and community service providers, clinics and health professionals, as well as professional and industry associations.  Miller Thomson On Call™ revitalizes and replaces the Legal Retainer Program, which has been in existence for many years.

“Miller Thomson On Call™ perfectly encapsulates the nature of our program and our service ethic,” says Kathryn Frelick, National Co-Chair of the Health Industry Group.  “We wanted to create an environment that removes traditional disincentives that keep clients from communicating with legal counsel, whether due to cost constraints or uncertainty about an issue.  Regardless of the nature of the issue, and whether it is routine or a crisis situation, our clients know that we are on call for them.”