Aaron Atcheson featured in the Globe and Mail on the effects of a WTO ruling on Ontario’s green energy rules.

November 16, 2012 | Aaron Atcheson | London

Aaron Atcheson, an energy lawyer at Miller Thomson’s
Toronto office, is quoted in a Globe and Mail article on a crucial ruling from
the World Trade Organization, expected as early as this week, that could force
a dramatic rethink of Ontario’s green energy policies.

Atcheson said a WTO ruling against Ontario
could have far reaching ramifications in other jurisdictions that have similar
local content rules, including Quebec.
“Quebec has been doing this for far longer
than Ontario,
in a somewhat different form,” Mr. Atcheson said. “They have got some great
economic benefits out of it, in the wind sector in particular.” A ruling
against Ontario could mean
similar challenges against Quebec’s policy down the road, he said.

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