Navigating Care in a COVID-19 Changed World – Some Lessons for Advanced Care Planning

May 4, 2021 | Sandra L. Enticknap, Dwight D. Dee | Vancouver

COVID-19 is teaching us some important lessons for advanced care planning. This webinar will give an overview of legal tools for advance care planning, address the legal developments, but more particularly the practical issues, in caring for seniors and especially those in or considering long term care.

Our guest, Stephanie Chan, founder and owner of two senior care planning and management businesses, will speak about how COVID-19 has changed our perceptions and decisions regarding not just our own health but also the healthcare choices we make on behalf of our loved ones.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • An overview of legal tools for advance care planning
  • Options that are available for families to safely fulfill their senior loved one’s care needs, including home care and seniors housing from the public health authority and private pay sources; and
  • Care planning from a holistic approach, tying in elements of advance care planning, care budgeting and family caregiver support.

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Event dates

May 4, 2021

Event location