Morning Recess: An Education Industry Seminar Series

January 24, 2019 | Gillian Tuck Kutarna | Guelph, Toronto

Thank you for your interest in our Morning Recess webinar series. For the Winter/Spring 2019 school year we are continuing our series with discussion of a variety of legal issues that impact the current school environment. We hope you can join us as we continue our complimentary informative 45-minute webinars.

Our January 24th session titled, Principal’s authority to exclude a student under Section 265(1)(m) of the Education Act, is ideal for administrators who would like to know more about the factors to be taken into account when considering whether to exclude a student from attending school, and the administrative responsibilities that accompany such a decision. We will also discuss the rights of students subject to an exclusion, including the right to appeal the decision before the Board of Trustees.

Please note that due to scheduling conflicts, our originally scheduled discussion of Trustee Governance has been moved to February 21.

Event dates

January 24, 2019