Employment Law 2021 – How to Plan for the (Please let it be soon) Post-Pandemic Workplace

April 29, 2021 | Thomas V. Duke, Evan Campbell, David Tsai, John Batzel, Lawrence Witt, Veronica S. C. Rossos, M. Christine O’Donohue, Jeff N. Grubb

We are pleased to invite you to our Miller Thomson complimentary Labour Relations & Employment Law Seminar. Our featured speakers will provide legal and practical insights on emerging HR topics impacting the workplace.


  • Employer Strategies for Vaccination

As vaccines become more readily available in the coming months, employers need clear strategies for ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and a plan for employees who may decline to be vaccinated. Certain jurisdictions have already introduced legislation with respect to paid leave for employee vaccination. Our panel of experts from across the country will outline the obligations for employers and strategies to protect the workplace.

  • The Post-Pandemic office – Is this our “new normal”?

Many employers who were reluctant to allow work from home prior to the pandemic have discovered Work From Home is possible. Employers still need to be wary of their obligations in terms of safe work, privacy rights and protection of intellectual property. Our team will discuss what employers have learned in this past year, and discuss how to protect your organization. We will also look at the continued growth of the “gig” economy and how it impacts the modern workplace.

  • Key Update on Employment Contracts 2021

Decisions from Courts in 2020 have forced employers to revisit some of the key terms often used in agreements relating to terminations and bonus entitlements. Our panel will review the decisions and discuss how employers can protect their organizations going forward. We will also developments in the law relating issues after the employee departure.

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April 29, 2021

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