The Miller Thomson Foundation: Sixteen Years as a Proud Supporter of Post-Secondary Education in Canada

September 1, 2010

Since its formation in 1995, The Miller Thomson Foundation has awarded scholarships totalling $2,550,000 to 2,550 promising students pursuing post-secondary education in Canada.

Gerald Courage, along with Gary G. Campbell, Q.C. and The Rt. Hon. John N. Turner, P.C., C.C., Q.C., Co-Chairs of the Board of Governors of The Miller Thomson Foundation, are pleased to announce the 200 recipients of the 2010 National Scholarships. Each of the students receive a $1,000.00 entrance scholarship from the Foundation to continue their studies this fall at the Canadian university or community college of their choice.

“Each of these young people has not only demonstrated academic excellence but a commitment to the well-being of their school and community,” said Mr. Courage. “We believe it is important to recognize their current achievements while encouraging them to reach their full leadership potential.”

The judging coordinators agree that the unique feature of The Miller Thomson Foundation National Scholarship Programme is the emphasis placed on community and school involvement as well as academic work.The programme assists exceptional students who have a clear vision of their future and are motivated to grow both personally and scholastically.

The National Scholarship Programme is a long term, ongoing initiative funded by The Miller Thomson Foundation.The purpose of the National Scholarship is to encourage and promote the attainment of higher education goals for individuals in Canada who have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement and made a positive contribution to their school and their community through extracurricular and community activities.

The 2010 National Scholarship recipients are listed on the firm’s website under MT Foundation.


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