Technology, Entertainment and Media


Technology, Entertainment and Media (TEAM) covers a wide-ranging group of companies that focus on the development of new technologies to support businesses across diverse industries. Businesses in this industry include those in Technology, Entertainment & Media, Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Information Technology and Startup, Emerging Companies and Venture Capital.

Over the past decade, this space has been shaped by the rapid transformation of its service offerings, the influence of leading edge technologies, accelerated growth and industry convergence. In contrast to the traditional business model, TEAM companies are nimble, embrace large-scale change and willingly disrupt the status quo in order to realize their strategic visions.

Miller Thomson understands that these unique business characteristics must extend to those who advise TEAM companies. Our lawyers in this space have deep expertise across a variety of practice areas to support any business issues, remain current on the legal factors that may affect a business’ short- and long-term plans, and can quickly pivot in order to provide guidance on constantly evolving business situations.

How Miller Thomson can help

Whether your company needs assistance with day-to-day legal support or guidance on routine and significant business decisions, our team can help. As a full-service provider with practitioners across Canada, we can advise on legal issues at any stage of your organization’s growth, including:

  • Protecting and defending intellectual property assets such as patents, know-how, inventions, trademarks, industrial designs and copyright
  • Addressing cybersecurity, data protection and privacy requirements, whether in the event of an incident or to establish programs and procedures proactively
  • Providing merger & acquisition support, leveraging our specialized knowledge of the complex and varied legal issues that are specific to the industry
  • Drafting, reviewing and advising on commercial agreements and organizational policies, including those related to business process and cloud services outsourcing, hardware and systems purchases, embedded systems and firmware, telecommunications and network services, licensing, new media and content, professional and consulting services.

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