Bill 6 Update: Working Groups Appointed

May 30, 2016 | Emma L. Johnston

The Alberta government has selected members for technical working groups that will develop recommendations for the new Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act, formerly known as Bill 6. Each group consists of 12 members, and includes farmers, ranchers, researchers and other industry experts. The groups will discuss employment standards, occupational health and safety, and labour relations, with the ultimate goal of drafting regulations in these key areas. Details of the groups are available online at

The groups are to begin their work in mid-June, but the government of Alberta has not indicated a strict timeline for their progress. The government expects to receive the working groups’ recommendations by the end of the year, and is hopeful that regulations will be implemented by next spring. However, the government has also made it clear that the working groups will be granted more time if deemed necessary.

Throughout the discussions, producers who are members of agricultural commissions and marketing boards will be permitted to provide their input. As regulation drafts are put forward, the public will also be given the opportunity to offer feedback.


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