Four Common Causes of Summer Time Accidents

June 27, 2017 | Cynthia P. Carels

Summer road trip season is upon us, and it is a great time to hit the highway with friends and family. In this post, we explain 4 common reasons motor vehicle accidents happen at this time of year, so you can be aware, and plan ahead.

  1. Driving In Unfamiliar Territory

During the regular season, we tend to drive to the same places, along the same routes every day. Our daily commutes are so routine and familiar, that they almost feel automatic. We know where all the hazards are; we know the pattern of the traffic flow; we know where choke points are, and alternative routes to get around backups.

But over the summer, we like to explore unfamiliar territory. We can be easily distracted by maps, or GPS technology, trying to find our destinations and points of interest along the way.

  1. Driving With A Vehicle Full of Passengers

Unlike our daily commutes where drivers are often alone in their vehicles, a summer road trip is far more fun when we have friends and family in the vehicle. Drivers can be easily distracted by their passengers, particularly when those passengers are demanding young children. Whether your passengers need snacks, a progress report on the journey (“are we there yet?”), or a break from sitting, drivers need to be aware of the risks associated with responding to these needs while their vehicle is in motion. Even a momentary distraction can be enough to cause catastrophic injuries or a fatal accident.

  1. Driving Long Distances

Few of us are used to driving long distances on a regular basis. Those who do, know the critical importance of taking frequent breaks, and not trying to drive while fatigued. Unfortunately, for those summer travellers on tight schedules, trying to cram a trip into a weekend, there is a temptation to drive beyond our capacities. Planning ahead, so multiple drivers can spell each other off over a long journey, can help to avoid the dangers associated with driver fatigue. Driving while drowsy can be as dangerous as driving while drunk.

  1. Impaired Drivers

The long weekends of summer are cause to celebrate, but if celebrators get behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol or drugs, the risk of collisions rises substantially. Every summer, the media reports on tragic stories of collisions resulting in fatalities or serious injuries, due to impaired drivers.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recent study shows that the most dangerous month of the year to drive is August, and the hours between midnight and 4:00 a.m have the highest number of fatalities, when calculated as a percentage of the people on the road.

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