Administrative Law

Our Group

The practice of administrative law encompasses increasingly complex legal and technical issues.  Miller Thomson lawyers combine their experience as advocates and negotiators to provide a full range of administrative law services

Our Clients

Our clients rely on our extensive expertise when they must deal with administrative tribunals, commissions, authorities or boards.  Our clients include:

• Professionals
• Regulatory tribunals
• Planning tribunals
• Interveners or persons appearing before such tribunals

We represent clients in a variety of industries, including:

• Environmental
• Health Care
• Construction
• Utility
• Mining
• Oil and Gas
• Land Development

Our Expertise

We offer our clients legal support on a full range of administrative law representation/service, including:

• Judicial reviews
• Administrative tribunal hearings
• Professional misconduct hearings
• Appeals of professional credentialing and privileging denials
• Rulemaking and challenges to administrative rules
• Procurement issues, including protests of contract awards
• Open records and open meetings rulings

Our Services

Administrative law services include:

• Strategic planning
• Appearances before administrative tribunals
• Judicial review applications and appeals
• Negotiations with tribunal officials at all levels
• Submissions to governments regarding prospective legislative changes
• Ethics filings and enforcement proceedings
• Trial and appellate court challenges of administrative tribunal decisions

Our Experience

Our experience includes representing or appearing before administrative tribunals such as:

• Environmental Appeal Board
• Labour Relations Board
• Utilities Commission
• Human Rights and Citizenship Commission
• Information and Privacy Commissioner
• Gaming and Liquor Commission
• Natural Resources Conservation Board
• Workers’ Compensation Board
• Subdivision and Development Appeal board
• Professional Misconduct Panels