Message from the Chair

Pride in what we do and how we do it helps us gain the trust and respect needed to build strong client relationships

Perhaps the single attribute of our firm that differentiates Miller Thomson from other large Canadian law firms is the down-to-earth nature of the intelligent and very capable lawyers and staff who have joined, stayed and grown with us over the years and helped make us successful.

At Miller Thomson, our lawyers take pride not only in an extensive knowledge of the law in their respective practice areas, but also in understanding your business needs and strategies and in devising effective, understandable strategies and recommendations to advance and meet your objectives.

-- Kent Davidson

Introducing Miller Thomson’s 2015 Executive Committee

We are pleased to introduce the members of the firm’s 2015 Executive Committee.

Back, left to right

Pierre Paquet (Montréal); Shashi Malik (Calgary OMP); seated Bernard Blouin (Montréal OMP) ; Sandra Hawes (Edmonton OMP) ; Michael Walker (Vancouver) ; Chair Kent Davidson; Gord Robson (South-Western Ontario OMP); Christine O’Donohue, seated Peter Auvinen (Toronto/Markham OMP); Chief Operating Officer Orest Szot.

Seated, left to right

Robert Hayhoe (Toronto/Markham); Karen Dickson (Vancouver OMP); Jeff Grubb (Saskatchewan OMP).




Executive Committee


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